FKB (Fit Kenyan Bootcamp) has transformed, inspired and made people sweat since 2013.

FKB was founded with the main aim to create an affordable work out regime with the concept to make use of our beautiful parks and green areas for health and fitness purposes.

Outdoor workouts gives natural challenges for the body, leads to improved oxygen uptake and better workout results. Working out outdoors is more stimulating, fun and motivating than the inside of a gym.

Our ideas followed by dedication, have managed to transform many people’s lives through hard work, determination and a lots of patience. Our FKB routines have developed through experience and has shown significant results in perfectly getting people into shape. We are still hungry to explore, learn and spread the bootcamp love!

Our main focus apart from Health and Fitness is to create possibilities for young motivated individuals from unfortunate areas in Nairobi and give them a head start in life by educating them in health and fitness and offer them the opportunity to work as trainers.thumb_IMG_9177_1024thumb_IMG_9122_1024thumb_IMG_9440_1024thumb_IMG_9451_1024