Zanzibar getaway experience was absolutely what we expected, went as planned and we managed to  follow the program we selected to perfection. we were privileged to host 18 clients overall,who experienced a different kind of vacation. They had a programmed work out schedule that entailed:

  • A daily 10km Early  morning beach run mixed with a 20 min ‘HIIT’ (High Intensity Interval Training) .
  • Rest and relaxation till lunch time, lunch was often served at 12:30 and our menu consists of healthy meals prepared by our own personal chief with the help of a qualified nutritionist. Our meals mostly consists of local food products and theres no Island that offers a variety of healthy delicacies like Zanzibar.
  • Extra activities like snorkeling ,water-sports and Kite surfing are often done before our Evening work-out.
  • Evening work-out starts at 5:30pm -6:45pm the work-out mostly consists of interval training and beach drills that will work you out to the fullest and after we prep up for dinner and call it a day.
  • We had time for a Yoga session to relax the sore muscles and stretch our bodies to the fullest so as to reduce the chances of injuries while undergoing our program.


It cant be a perfect Zanzibar experience without a night out to relax and mingle with the locals ,we often plan a night out in the best spots Zanzibar has to offer for a grand night out , on this occasion we chose ‘Kendwa Rocks’ for the ‘full Moon Party’ and it never failed us,great international crowd ,good music and overall a brilliant time.

It is often a pleasure to host our clients and most of the time they never fail to impress us and truly learn from them to perfect our retreats in the future,we had a great vibe, a good mix of people from all over the world in one place for a great course. The food was finger licking and most important the right food, our staff was on point, timely schedules, constant help to clients when in need and most of all our programmed work out was optional to those who felt obliged to indulge, our rule is for now, you can rest if your body feels the need to. Fortunately all clients who signed up were up to the challenge and gave it all they could.

Again I take this opportunity to thank you all for joining us and making it a grand and memorable experience for us .