I’ve been doing boot camp for 8 months now…and what can I say? Other than, it has changed my life. Imu is an amazing trainer. He definitely isn’t in it for the money (like many trainers you find here) but genuinely cares about my health and fitness and most of all, he’s a 100% committed, especially on those rainy, cold, muddy days. Thanks for always pushing me, Imu, to be my very best.

Not only Imu, but at Fit Kenyan Boot camp, we have the BEST social group of friends. Yes, we complain; we whine; we cry, and we may even take short cuts when we are pushed to our limit. But we help each other through it all; sometimes with just showing up on those rainy days, or with words of encouragement, with smiles, and with laughs. So thank you all for being there for me too; you all have made a huge difference in my life.

With that said, I HIGHLY recommend Fit Kenyan Boot Camp.

― Iris