IMU – Head coach and founder


“I believe the impact of good health on your quality of life is far-reaching, regardless of age, gender, or physical ability. My long experience in health and fitness have convinced me that eating right and exercising brings out the best in every individual.”

“Through my 5 years of experience, my secret to dealing with clients has been my constant dedication to their needs, which is giving them 100% in tackling their health goals. I often work with the 3D concept; Discipline, Diet, Dedication.”

Imu has 5 years of experience in working with outdoor HIIT (high intensive interval training) in group workouts and personal training. Imu has a long list of happy clients with successful major weight losses and happier and healthier everyday lives.

Currently you can find Imu as one of the trainers in KTNs Ultimate Challenge season 3!

Working out with Imu will push your limits mixing strength and weight workouts with hard-core cardio intervals.

Imus favourite exercise: Burpees

KHALIL – “Make the most out of your workouts!”


Khalil uses his experience as a former dancer to create high-intensity workouts focusing on strength, cardio and flexibility. A healthy body is the way to a healthy mind.

Khalil’s workout philosophy is that cardio is a foundation to build up and transform your body. Improving your cardio will help you get more out of your strength workouts. Cardio training will lead you to faster recovery, improved endurance, improved mental strength, stress relieve, a kick-off in serotonin production (make you feel happy) and the strengthen of your most important muscle, your heart. When working out with Khalil you will find yourself starting to believe that the body is possible to do anything for 10 seconds…

Khalils favourite exercise: Sprints

KEVIN – “It´s al about abs abs abs!”


Kevin has a passion for tough body workouts focusing on working with your own body weight and improving core-strength, and cardio mixed with static exercises. Working out with Kevin will challenge your limits and tone your body in a balanced way. Kevin also has a specific interest in food science and nutrition.

Kevins favourite exercise: Plank

DUNCAN CHALO – “You can do it!”


Duncan is our marathon winning running coach. Running technique, hill-drills, sprint-workouts, pepp-talks! By working on improving body awareness, strength, and flexibility Duncan will help you carry over to a smooth, efficient running stride.

Duncans favourite exercise: Hill-drills

RISPA- Future bootcamp junior trainer under education.