With our Fitness Bootcamp teambuilding events tailored to the needs of your organization we hope to improve health awareness within your workplace.

Our company events are designed as teambuilding activities, creating awareness about health and ergonomics, hence preventing diseases and injuries and resulting in a more productive and fun workplace.

During our company events, tailor maid according to the client, we engage staff in various activities from health and workout sessions to BMI testing, nutritionist talks and information sessions on how to avoid work related injuries. Thereafter we provide a staff opportunity to follow up the event with an FKB membership or a custom made health and fitness program to ensure continuity.


Investing in employee health is important for organisations of all sizes in order find a good balance between productivity and employee wellbeing.

A healthy company culture leads to:

• More productive staff

• Higher energy levels

• Improved stress resilience

• Appreciation of the workplace

• Less work related injuries

• Less sick days

• A positive company brand

• Early discover of individual health problems

• Less spent on medical care

With our company health events and programs we want to offer all the positive benefits of a healthy company culture to you and your employees!

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